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Selective perfectionism: The secret tool for MS

A woman with MS is happy for her liberation from perfectionism while saving energy

Selective perfectionism offers a valuable perspective for individuals living with multiple sclerosis (MS), where conserving energy is vital. In pursuing excellence, selective perfectionism can emerge as a powerful ally, liberating those with MS from the constant race to micromanage every aspect of life. Understanding how MS can fuel a desire for control due to losing the body’s autonomy to different degrees, selective perfectionism provides a pathway to redirect energy and focus on what truly matters.

Embracing selective perfectionism

For those living with MS, energy conservation is paramount. Selective perfectionism encourages a conscious choice of where to invest one’s limited energy and attention. Instead of striving for flawlessness across the board, individuals can identify key areas that align with their passions and priorities. This approach grants the freedom to channel energy into tasks and activities that significantly impact their lives and matter the most to them.

Breaking free from the control trap

MS can trigger a desire for control stemming from losing physical autonomy. This longing for control can extend to various facets of life as a compensatory mechanism. However, this unrelenting quest for control can be draining. Selective perfectionism acts as a release from this cycle. By deliberately choosing when to activate perfectionistic tendencies, individuals can surrender the need for excessive control in less critical areas, conserving precious energy.

A shift toward purposeful energy allocation

Selective perfectionism empowers those with MS to allocate their energy strategically. In their chosen domains – be it personal, professional, or creative – individuals can leverage selective perfectionism to refine skills, enhance output, and make a meaningful impact. This targeted focus on areas of significance enhances productivity and fosters a sense of accomplishment without sacrificing energy on less impactful pursuits.

Embracing imperfection for liberation

Selectively embracing imperfection liberates individuals from the weight of trying to control every detail. Recognizing that perfection isn’t attainable or necessary in every domain frees up mental and emotional resources. This newfound liberation opens doors to exploring new opportunities and embracing authenticity without fear of inadequacy or judgment.

Understanding and compassion

Selective perfectionism aligns with self-compassion and self-understanding. It acknowledges the challenges brought by MS and the natural human imperfections. Individuals can develop greater self-acceptance by extending kindness to themselves and accepting the limits imposed by the condition. This self-compassion becomes a shield against the negative impacts of a continual hunt for control.


For individuals living with MS, selective perfectionism offers a transformative approach. By focusing perfectionistic tendencies on vital areas while embracing imperfection in less crucial aspects, they can conserve the energy required for their unique journey. This shift liberates them from the burden of excessive control and empowers them to use their energy purposefully. Selective perfectionism becomes a tool of empowerment, allowing individuals to reclaim their energy, pursue meaningful behaviors, and navigate the challenges of MS with resilience, self-compassion, and a renewed sense of fulfillment.

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