Enjoy your life while living
with Multiple Sclerosis!

I am a certified life coach and have been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 2002.

  • Are you newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and feel lost and scared?
  • Have you been living with MS for some time but still struggle to find a daily balance that allows you to achieve your goals?
  • Do you struggle communicating to others your struggles and needs?


My Coaching Approach

My aim for you is to ask yourself many important questions and transform your mindset by prioritizing you, your health and your life.

Mental Selfcare

Mental Self-Care

Do I believe in myself and in my potential

Am I clear on what it is that I want

Do I set boundaries with others in a way that feels right to me

Am I communicating my needs to myself and others

Do I follow my dreams and take actions to achieve them

Who do I want to be and how do I want my life to look like

What and who are my priorities

How do I spend my energy, time, life

What negative behaviors do I still allow in my life even if I don´t want to anymore

Do I live my everyday life in a fulfilling way

Do I allow myself to feel low on difficult days and high on good days matching my body´s state

Living now with Multiple Sclerosis

Physical Self-Care

Do I eat food that fuels properly my mind and body

Do I get good quality of sleep to regenerate and truly rest

Do I hydrate my body and drink enough water

Do I practice mindful breathing

Do I consciously connect with myself and listen to my body´s needs

Do I exercise and stay active any way that I can

Do I show love and compassion towards myself with real actions

Do I explore new activities that stimulates my body and brain

Do I spend time doing the things that bring me joy

Do I minimize or eliminate the behaviors and habbits that harm my body

Do I stop way before exhaustion

Self-care means NO to everything in your life that doesn’t serve the purpose of making you better in every way.

Self-care means YES to all the things that bring you joy and make you feel strong and positive towards yourself and your life.

To achieve real change you need a sustainable plan

Current Situation

Understand and evaluate your so far journey, your current situation and where do you wish to go from there. Who is actively involved and what is their role in your role.


Daily Challenges

Map and be clear on your daily challenges and limitations, what is not working for you anymore the way it is, what needs to change, and what is in your control to be different.


Setting Goals

Define and set achievable and specific goals by prioritizing which ones are the most urgent to start with. Setting realistic expectations will ensure success. Setting unrealistic expectations is the first step to failure.


Action Plan

For each goal build an action plan with small steps. Be open for a trial and error approach until you figure out what works best for you.



Put yourself into action and start with the first steps of your plan. Even by taking tiny steps each day you will manage to reach your goals. It´s only a matter of time.



Evaluate your progress, learn from what worked and didn´t work, and adapt your steps and plan to match you and your needs. Repeat this step as often as needed.


Support & Accountability

Being in close contact with your coach you will receive all the support and accountability you need to keep going no matter what until you reach your goals and the life that you wish!


My name is Lucie Petrelis and
this is my story living with Multiple Sclerosis

Lucie Petrelis snowboarding - with Multiple Sclerosis
Living now with Multiple Sclerosis

The beginning

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 22. It all started after spending an intense weekend snowboarding on beautiful Greek mountains – and yes, Greece also has awesome mountains! When I went back home, I slowly started, day after day, losing the sense of my legs and of my right arm until I couldn’t get out of bed anymore. The entire left side of my body was feeling different from the right one, as if it wasn´t my body anymore. I had this intense weakness, tingling, and numbness in different parts of my body. My brain couldn’t think clearly. But above all, I had so much fear. What is going on? I used to be a dynamic and excited young hairdresser at the time starting my adult life. And suddenly, my whole world fell apart. I didn’t even know who I was anymore or how to handle this unknown, blurry, and scary situation I was in.

I kept asking questions and receiving only one answer

Why do I have MS?


How will it evolve?


How long will the symptoms last?


Will I get better soon?


Will I ever get my life back?


Will there ever be a cure?


In 2002 during my diagnosis, there where already several MS treatments available that could potentially keep in a stable level the progression of the disease. But when asking the doctors, What do I do now? The recommendation was very general, “You start with this treatment, continue your life as usual, and you will figure out on your own what you can and cannot do.” REALLY? How on earth will I do that when I am 22 years old, I have all those future dreams in my mind, and out of nowhere, I can hardly stand up to go to the bathroom.

I am a certified coach from the International Coach Academy (ICA) which is an ICF-accredited school.

My education taught me the methodology to support my clients in an action-based approach focusing on implementing and achieving the goals they set for themselves.

Lucie Petrelis coaching certification from the International Coach Academy

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